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Sprays vs. Heat


When poisons are used in the treatment of bed bugs, the poison MUST make contact with the bed bugs in order to kill it. The homeowner is told to not wash the surfaces that the chemicals were sprayed onto, which means that people and pets within your home will be in contact with the poison for WEEKS after treatment. Small children and pets are particularly sensitive to these types of poisons as they are closer to the contaminated surfaces and tend to explore items with their mouths. Plus the exterminator will recommend treatment again in a few weeks to allow the eggs to hatch and spray again. You may be dealing with the chemicals for MONTHS!

When we were personally having an exterminator come to spray for bed bugs, he told us that the bed bugs are becoming immune to the chemicals. He described taking a live beg bug and putting it into a container of the chemicals used and it did not die as it should have.


Many pesticides that are specially formulated and considered eco –friendly or green; include bait gels, powders, water-based products, granular, foam, feed and other green bed bug control products. Most of these are currently available as over-the-counter products suitable for home use. Informed consumers must read labels carefully and not be misled by products advertised as “green” or “organic” when that may not necessarily be the case.


Like any other creature, bed bugs adapt. More and more bed bugs are becoming resistant to traditional extermination chemicals used by pest control companies. The one thing bed bugs can’t survive, is heat. Using heat to kill bed bugs is actually one of the most effective modern solutions to infestations and it is 100% green and environmentally friendly.

Adult bed bugs die at 119F and their chemical and heat resistant eggs die at 125F. They actually pop like bubble wrap! Our advanced extermination machine can reach a temperature 180F, and we like to heat residential and commercial properties alike to temperatures upwards of 150F.

No chemicals, just heat—and the bed bugs are gone!

Chris Howells Enterprises does not use poison or chemicals, just heat. We are committed to providing green bed bug control solutions that are highly effective yet 100% safe for the environment and all occupants of your Winnipeg property. Our specialized equipment has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and is operated by fully trained and qualified technicians. No more worry and stress from the prep and post clean up and no need for follow-up visits! Our Heat Assault 500X machine will effectively heat your entire home to the needed temperatures and kill all bugs and eggs in one treatment.

This WILL kill all bed bugs and the eggs DEAD! A One and Done bed bug killing machine.

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