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What do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs come in all shapes and sizes. They range from tiny eggs or nymphs to large adults. Bed bugs are oval shaped and cannot fly. With blood as their sole food source, bites may be painless but often cause uncomfortable skin irritations, excessive itching and complications with allergies. Many report difficulties with stress, anxiety and insomnia due to the presence of bed bugs.

You only need 1 pregnant female to start an infestation, however, no matter the size of the infestation, it means that your Winnipeg home or business has been invaded. Bed bugs are very challenging to get rid of and control because of their ability to survive long periods of time without feeding. Chris Howells Enterprises has devised effective bed bug management techniques that eliminate bed bugs from your home or commercial property in Winnipeg.

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Protect Your Property From Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become a serious problem throughout North America and Winnipeg is no exception. Aside from the stress and nuisance of a bed bug infestation on your Winnipeg property, these unwanted critters can pose a threat to your mental health. Don't suffer needlessly or waste time and money on insufficient home bed bug control remedies. Contact the experts.

Protect Your Property From Bed Bugs

You Only Need One Pregnant Female.

Bed Bug Hiding Places

Bed Bug habitats include mattress seams, bed frames, headboards, baseboards and carpet edges. Cracks and crevices, upholstered furniture and particularly any area used for sleeping are also potential hiding places for bed bugs. However Bed Bugs can be found in unusual places such as bathrooms, picture frames and curtains.

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How Do Bed Bugs Enter a Winnipeg Location?

Bed Bugs are most frequently transferred into the home or workplace through luggage and other items that have become infested at hotels, motels, hospitals, public transportation, medical clinics and other people's homes. Bed bugs can also be brought into your property via used bedding, furniture and clothing.

Bed bugs have resurfaced in great numbers due to the banning of the use of specific pesticides. Chris Howells Enterprises employs effective heat treatments to remove bed bugs from your Winnipeg property. Our trained bed bug control specialists will meticulously eliminate all traces of an infestation with proven and effective techniques that are safe for children or pets.

Bed Bug Info

Did you know the prime time for bed bugs to feed is between 1:00 am and 5:00 am ... Who has time to stay up hunting bed bugs every night? Not many people are able to reschedule their lives to sleep during the day and stay up at night. We can solve that problem for you.

This WILL kill all bed bugs and the eggs DEAD!

(Adult bed bugs die at 119F, whereas chemical and heat resistant eggs die at 125F. They pop like bubble wrap.)

No need to deal with harmful chemicals. With the all time high outbreak bed bugs are adapting and becoming immune to the chemicals commonly used by pest control professionals, and in turn does not guarantee results ... WE DO!!!

Our equipment is chemical free and therefore 100% human and pet friendly!

No more worry and stress from the prep and post clean up and no need for follow-up visits! Our Heat Assault 500X machine will effectively heat your entire home to the needed temperatures and kill all bugs and eggs.

"A one and done bed bug killing machine"

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