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Winnipeg Commercial Pest Control

We eliminate and prevent bed bugs from invading your commercial property in Winnipeg and keep them away for good. A leader in safe extermination and effective pest control, Chris Howells Enterprises technicians use the most powerful bed bug heating equipment on the market to treat your business in Winnipeg.

Effective Bed Bug Treatments for Any Industry

Chris Howells Enterprises will consult with you over the phone to provide an estimate for your location in Winnipeg. Our trained experts apply scientifically proven pest control products according to strict industry standards that offer guaranteed results. Environmentally safe yet highly effective, Chris Howells Enterprises is committed to protecting the health and safety of your clients and employees and preserving your business reputation.

Eliminate bed bugs on your Winnipeg property. Chris Howells Enterprises services are provided for:

  • Restaurants/Food service industries
  • Office building
  • Retail stores and Shopping Malls
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Schools and academic institutions
  • Hospitality / Hotels
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Agriculture and farming

Academic and Healthcare Industry

With the potential for added mental health hazards, bed bug problems at healthcare and academic institutions must be resolved quickly and permanently. Our experienced and responsible pest control experts administer highly-effective pest control solutions that are chemical-free and safe for all occupants of a Winnipeg school or hospital.

Restaurants / Bars / Food Retail

Businesses within the food industry are expected to maintain very high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Chris Howells Enterprises provides effective bed bug control for a one-and-done solution.

Hospitality Industry

Chris Howells Enterprises understands that a fair portion of the good reputation of any Winnipeg area, hotel and motel is based upon maintaining a completely pest-free environment. Our licensed technicians are experts at assessing the source of bed bug infestations and implementing fail-proof extermination treatments to get rid of the bugs immediately.

Winnipeg Office Buildings and Retail Outlets

Protect your employees, clients and your good business image with effective bed bug removal solutions that keep commercial properties safe and ensure clients keep coming back.

Commercial Treatments for Bed Bugs

For effective and long lasting results that keeps bed bugs away from your Winnipeg business, contact the qualified pest control crew at Chris Howells Enterprises.

Emergency Commercial Bed Bug Removal in Winnipeg

Call for a complete assessment from a Chris Howells Enterprises bed bug control specialist. Our technicians are fully trained to provide heat treatment services for the elimination of bed bug infestations. For discrete and environmentally responsible bed bug control services call for a free estimate.

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