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Winnipeg Green Pest Control

Whether you require bed bug extermination services for your home or commercial space in Winnipeg, Chris Howells Enterprises guarantees an eco-friendly, green bed bug treatment process that is safe and completely chemical-free.

Winnipeg Chemical-Free Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Chris Howells Enterprises specializes in the chemical-free treatment of bed bugs. We kill bed bug infestations with a high-powered Heat Assault 500X machine, which reaches temperatures higher than 145F and eradicates all bed bugs and their eggs.

Like any other creature, bed bugs adapt. More and more bed bugs are becoming resistant to traditional extermination chemicals used by pest control companies. The one thing bed bugs can’t survive, is heat. Adult bed bugs die at 119F and their eggs die at 125F. By powering up our advanced extermination machine, we heat residential and commercial properties alike to temperatures of 145F. No chemicals, just heat—and the bed bugs are gone.

Eliminate Bed Bugs Without Chemicals

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100% Natural and Organic Pest Control

Winnipeg Our natural and organic approach guarantees no side effects.

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Safe Bed Bug Removal Strategies

Many pesticides that are specially formulated and considered eco –friendly include bait gels, powders, water-based products, granular, foam, feed and other green bed bug control products. Most of these are currently available as over-the-counter products suitable for home use. Informed consumers must read labels carefully and not be misled by products advertised as “green” or “organic” when that may not necessarily be the case.

Our heat-based treatments use zero chemicals. That’s right, zero. With us, you don’t have to worry about reading labels. We eradicate bed bugs with the use of specialized equipment that raises the internal temperature of your home. Our bed bug removal strategy poses no risk to you or your property. As soon as we’re finished, you can re-enter your home in complete security.

Nothing will be harmed, except the bed bugs.

Responsible Bed Bug Removal

Chris Howells Enterprises takes pride in keeping up to date with the latest advancements of the pest management industry by offering safe, heat-based strategies without the use of harmful chemicals. Contact us to find out more.

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