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3 Generations, Father, Daughter, Grandson.

We got started in this business by being victims ourselves to the growing bed bug infestation that has plagued Winnipeg for years. We had spent over 5 years battling bed bugs with sprays only. Having exterminators coming in every few months to spray again and again. Over time we had become immune to their bites and were unaware of how bad it had gotten. It wasn’t until my daughter, who is as we found out highly allergic to bed bug bites, that we realized the sprays just weren’t working. My daughter had actually completely changed her sleep schedule to avoid being bitten and would stay up at night “hunting” them. We thought to ourselves “There has to be a better solution!”.

That is when we started researching bed bugs more and more and found the answer to our prayers! Heat treatment was the best solution for dealing with bed bugs.We called around and found that there aren’t many exterminators that work with heat treatment for bed bug infestations at all and none who use the best equipment on the market; The Heat Assault 500X. We contacted the company that sells the equipment to inquire further. The bed bug heat treatment machine is very costly so we wanted to ensure it was worth the investment. They let us use the equipment on our own home, which solved our 5 year long problem with one use. That is how we became one of the only companies in Manitoba who owns this equipment and provides you with the option of heat treatment instead of chemical sprays.


Why Choose Chris Howells Enterprises

We know that the people of Winnipeg have more than one option when it comes to hiring a company to deal with their bed bug problems. And if you are here on this website you are probably asking yourself, “is this the company I should choose?

As we said we are a locally run family business. Not only would you be supporting local and getting the personal touch a small business provides, but you truly are getting the best heat treatment available. The added bonus, is green, which means it's safe for pets and kids. Unlike our competitors who often follow up with spray, we never spray.

We make a special point to talk with our clients about their bedbug problems and expectations and provide them with a detailed plan on how we will eliminate the bedbugs. We offer accurate on the phone estimates as well as detailed preparation checklists.

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Chris Howells Enterprises is a team of experienced technicians who provide proven bed bug removal heat treatments using advanced industry technology that is always effective yet safe for children and pets.Our company has excellent response times as we only offer heat treatment services to eliminate bed bugs with an environmentally friendly ONE AND DONE solution. Unlike our competitors who have primarily commercial contracts, we focus solely on residential needs with no commercial contracts at all.As a family run business we make a special point to talk with our clients about their bed bug problems, their needs as well as give them a detailed plan on how we will eliminate their bed bugs. We offer accurate on the phone estimates, detailed preparation checklists and follow up with our clients after the job is complete. My daughter, Brandy, has a cleaning company and has gone to the clients home to do the preparation work for them (at an additional cost), when they are unable to do it themselves.We provide:• Emergency on call bed bug management services• Free bed bug control assessment• On-site inspections by bed bug management professionals• Green bed bug control solutions Following the initial consultation, Chris Howells Enterprises recommends only the necessary and most appropriate services to eliminate your bed bug problems and provide lasting peace of mind. Each of our heat treatments is provided with a guarantee and recommendations to avoid any recurrence.

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Thank you for taking some time to learn more about us. We invite you to have a look at the other pages of our website for more information about the services we provide the property owners of Winnipeg. If you have any questions about the services we provide, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We look forward to helping you keep your home or business bed bug free!

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